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Learning achieved through a single awareness activity tends to be short-term, immediate, and
specific. Training takes longer and involves higher-level concepts and skills. For example, if a
learning objective is “to facilitate the increased use of effective password protection among
employees,” an awareness activity might be the use of reminder stickers for computer keyboards.
A training activity might involve computer-based instruction in the use of passwords, parameters,
and how to change the passwords for organization systems.

Quelle: Mark Wilson and Dorothea E. de Zafra and Sadie I. Pitcher and John D. Tressler and John B. Ippolito (2003) : Information Technology Security Training Requirements: A Role- and Performance-Based Model (S. 15)        
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Siehe auch: Sicherheit; Awareness; SAK; Verhalten;
Kollokationsgraphen:Sicherheit; Awareness; SAK; Verhalten;
Literatur:Sicherheit; Awareness; SAK; Verhalten;

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