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Awareness is not training. The purpose of awareness presentations is simply to focus
attention on security. Awareness presentations are intended to allow individuals to
recognize IT security concerns and respond accordingly. In awareness activities the
learner is a recipient of information, whereas the learner in a training environment has a
more active role. Awareness relies on reaching broad audiences with attractive
packaging techniques. Training is more formal, having a goal of building knowledge and
skills to facilitate job performance.

Quelle: Mark Wilson and Dorothea E. de Zafra and Sadie I. Pitcher and John D. Tressler and John B. Ippolito (2003) : Information Technology Security Training Requirements: A Role- and Performance-Based Model (S. 15)        
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Siehe auch: Awareness; Sicherheit; Verhalten; Lernen; Training;
Kollokationsgraphen:Awareness; Sicherheit; Verhalten; Lernen; Training;
Literatur:Awareness; Sicherheit; Verhalten; Lernen; Training;

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