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139 Security Awareness: required for TeX Sicherheit;Awareness;SAK;Verhalten;Zielgruppe
“Security Awareness” is explicitly required for ALL employees, whereas “Security Basics and Literacy” is required for those employees, including contractor employees, who are involved in any way with IT systems. In today’s environment this typically means all individuals within the organization.

140 Security Basics and Literacy TeX Sicherheit;Awareness;SAK;Verhalten;Zielgruppe
The “Security Basics and Literacy” category is a transitional stage between “Awareness” and “Training.” It provides the foundation for subsequent training by providing a universal baseline of key security terms and concepts.

141 Roles and Responsibilities Relative to IT Systems TeX Sicherheit;Awareness;SAK;Verhalten;Zielgruppe
After “Security Basics and Literacy,” training becomes focused on providing the knowledges, skills, and abilities specific to an individual’s “Roles and Responsibilities Relative to IT Systems.” At this level, training recognizes the differences between beginning, intermediate, and advanced skill requirements.

142 Education and Experience TeX Sicherheit; Awareness; SAK; Verhalten; Zielgruppe;
The ›Education and Experience‹ level focuses on developing the ability and vision to perform complex multi-disciplinary activities and the skills needed to further the IT security profession and to keep pace with threat and technology changes.

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